We stay on top of the latest technologies and can integrate a fully customized multimedia suite within your website.

Multimedia is a way of communicating using a wide range of media. The traditional methods of multimedia have been through television, radio, and print advertising. Now with the advent of the internet, multimedia is a great way to engage your audience by giving them a more hands on or personal experience with your company.

Whether you are selling real estate or promoting a rock band, a website with rich multimedia content is one that will bring people back, for an informative, entertaining experience. We now live in an age where people are always on the go, and with so many different mediums of getting information, its key to always keep your audience interested with fresh exhilarating content.

Some of the multimedia services we can provide are:

  • Audio Production i.e. Music, Voice Over,  Mixing and Editing
  • Video Production: Filming, Editing , DVD authoring, CGI, Chroma-key
  • Graphic Design: Logo Design, Photos, 3D animation, Illustration
  • Print Work: Brochures, Business Cards, Letterhead


By combining some of these multimedia elements to a presentation, you will be able to fully communicate your concept to your audience. This technology opens doors to a variety of methods of communication.

Keep your visitors interested with interactive content.

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"We required a website where our artists could communicate with their fans and allow them to interact in a community environment.  Web Global Media provided us a fantastic social community and multimedia website. Bravo!"


~ Julie Gold (Babylon Music Group)